Run The Good Run

October 1, 2009
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The sun was rising faster then the fates should have permitted. The heat spiraled up from the cement roads, and beat against the confines of her rib cage. the air was blistering her lungs, as she flung herself into every aspect of her energy. She pushed herself farther and farther until the air felt like water in her lungs. She gasped and grasped and reached beyond the length of her arms. She reached with her soul to the end of this run, the finish line to this plea which was her goal in life. Her feet came down like thunder, and the pain shot through her body. She felt as though she couldn't go on, but knew that she would. Forever, she would run this race, until she made it to that finish line... no matter the pain that would ensue, or the battles she would fight with herself along the way. Nothing else, no one else, mattered to her now. She had to win this race to that finish line. She watched as others reached there finish line... and she wondered why her race was so long... Why did she have to run for miles longer then they before resting? Before eating? Before being comforted? What was the fairness of that... the answer came. "My coach just knows I am strong enough to run the good run."

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