Breakfast time

October 1, 2009
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As I microwave my Jimmy Dean’s sausage,
And unwrap my strawberry flavored Nutra grain bar,
I wonder… What does a dyslexic
Eat for breakfast?
Do they miss the orange and accidently peel a napkin?
Or stick there cereal in the oven?
Maybe they get confused and just eat the napkin whole
OR maybe nothing at all. Thinking that
Their first period class is at the kitchen table

But I wouldn’t know what a dyslexic
Eats for breakfast, since I grew up on
Chocolate pop tarts,
Microwaveable existence, and
Those cannibalistic toast crunches.
I wouldn’t know what a dyslexic
Eats for breakfast, when I grew up
Watching Teen Titans
And those funny little dude who never
had original names,
like tiny azure ants,
bored, broad, blue.
What would I know
About misconception?

So please, Don’t force me
Away from my 30 second goods,
I could never eat napkins or
Barbequed fingernails, I need
Real food, with lots and lots
Of preservatives. I need to dine
Early, like every other obese American
I need to feast on fat, pure fat.

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