My Fantasies alive go to a Dead End

October 1, 2009
By Anonymous

From reality
To fantasy
From boredom
To imaginative
Away goes my mind
To my fantasy wonderland

I dream of not the sugarplums
Or fairies and dragons
I dream of not just the ordinary

I dream of things out of reality
Far from things seen in life
I dream of my imagination
And of my creativity

I go into a sleep of where the world may end
I go into a sleep of what awaits for me
I go into a sleep of wonders
That some may not comprehend

My dreams may go from light to dark
From evil to good
Or sometimes it may be misunderstood

I could dream of flying far away
Or exploding the earth
Maybe even bringing the future
Back to present day

But this dream this particular night
Awaits one big mistake
A mistake one might not forget
That will haunt me for the rest of my life

I dream of a beautiful family
Of daisies and roses blossoming outside our home

I’m playing in the backyard
And the sound of the singing of birds fills my ears
I find a glowing rock
Green and old
Covered with an engraving untold

The sudden smell of Sheppard’s pie and crescent rolls fills my lungs
As I bury the rock under the sun
I run to the door
Wipe off my feet
And devour the savory treat

The night falls and I’m sleeping once more
A dream within a dream

I wake the next morning to find that everything’s dead
My family is dead
A deep deep sleep fills their head, soul, and body

I find the mayor and 5 people coming towards me
This cannot be good
They come up and say
What have you done?
I do not ask what I have for I know not
Then they say you buried the crystal stone under the sun

They ask each other what they shall do
Then they turn and say
We should kill you

Everything goes white
As white as the pale white snow in the mid of December
I awake in a cold sweat
As cold as the November night breeze
And find myself wondering
What does this mean?

Whether it be a nightmare
Or midsummer night’s dream
For a second there
I wondered if my fantasies alive where about to go to a dead end

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