October 1, 2009
By , Highland Village, TX
She stands by her family
Just minding her own
In her brown flared pants
And a t-shirt to match
She starts to dance the robot
She doesn’t pay attention to anything else
She hears her name and realizes what’s going on

He walks in
White as can be
With baggy sweat pants and a long tee
He walks like a rapper
And looks like a thug
But he’s still as white as can be

She’s proper
She’s serious
When it comes to certain things
She likes to get good grades
And have proper etiquette
With her sit up straight posture
And her hair in a bun
She talks like a nun

I am all of these people
You see them and you don’t
We are unique individuals
We dance when nobodies looking
We don’t care what people think
We are as noble and humble as can be
And we have the need to succeed
We are all unique and we know it

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