The Jog

September 30, 2009
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The Jog

I went outside for my afternoon jog
the sun much like a ball of fire blazed
down on me brightly."gosh its hot"
I say to myself.

I slowly start jogging down the pathway
I could see nothing but bright sky ahead.
I begin to run faster down the street
wind whips across my face blowing my hair
back like a large black sail

for a brief moment I feel free. As I run I see two children
playing in a bright green yard. So innocent
so care free. And I the complete opposite.
I run faster so I could not hear there joyful
screams of happiness as they play tag.

Sweat begins to run down my face. I still keep
Running faster. Then suddenly my legs begin
To cramp but I must not stop I have to keep going
No matter how bad it hurts no matter how unhappy
I am. No matter how unfair it is to be me.

I can see the sun is setting now. The sky is a dark
Red and the bright red sun is slowly fading away.
I still keep running never slowing my pace. “One day”
I say to myself. “I will be happy and reach all my goals
And the pain and troubles in my life will fade away like
The evening sun.

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