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September 28, 2009
By maximo oxlaj SILVER, Austin, Texas
maximo oxlaj SILVER, Austin, Texas
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The name that my mother have given me is Viking
Whenever I wrestle I feel that I
Represent the colors of my school
Don’t let my innocent look fool you
Sometimes I can dangerous
Whenever you step on the mats with me
You better bring it!!!
Yesterday my name was success
Succeeding in some of my matches that play
To feel proud of brining the victory home
And be successful on the mats
To know that your team mates support you
Whenever you are working hard
And hear them cheering for you.
In my dreams my name was fear
Fearing that one day I am going to get hurt
And never come back to wrestle
To know that I would just be supporting my teammates from the benches.
Tomorrow my name will be defeat
Getting pin by someone better than me
And knowing that I have to work harder on the mats
And go 100% on my opponent
And have no mercy on him.
Inside me my name is happiness
Graceful to step in and combat
And leave my soul on the matt
And walk out of them victorious
Secretly my name is pride
Proud that when I step in and battle
I know that I always play clean
And that sometimes I make someone bleed
And at the end my hand is raise up by the referee!

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