i am what i am

September 28, 2009
I am what I am,
A love sick teenager.
In and out of love
like one of cupids victims.
No matter how much I want to give up on love
I know I won’t.

I am what I am
Loyal to my man like a blind man’s dog
I’m always her for him
Only him.

I am what I am
A singer.
Some say singing sickens smart minds.
I say.
“It’s simply spectacular.”
Singing is my life
Its who I am
Who I want t o be
And it keeps me going.

I am what I am
On the inside and out.
I am a girl with crazy
Wild hair and an attitude
Like a gun without the safety on.
You never know when I’m going to go off.
I may seem shorter then a new born giraffe but I am stronger then I look.
I know my strength when I need to fight I’m ready.
I am strong enough to kill but I have enough control not to.

I am what I am
You don’t like it?
I don’t care!
If you have something to say keep it to yourself.
If you think your brave enough to say it
Think again.

I am what I am
I may seem nice but I’m just waiting to explode.
Cross my path the wrong way and it will be the last path you cross.
Because I am what I am
Who I want to be.
I am me.

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