My Many Names

September 28, 2009
By , Galveston, TX
Before I was born
My name was Love.
The love of my mother
And my father
Combined in an instant
To make this one being,
Pure and Innocent.
I am born
Into a whole new world of light
And sound.
I am Frightened.
But then a soft vocie whispers over head.
Wraps me in its warmth
And I know my name is now
Then my name was Mischeif .
Always running
Barefoot toward adventure
Leaping into trouble.
Years pass.

Baby fat and hide and seek
Gently wear away.
I am a Blank Slate
Waiting for this new,
Unfamiliar body
To give me its instructions.
Today my name is Dynamic.
Always shifting,
And Changing direction.
Everything and anything.
Today I am Happy and Hopeful and Bright.
Tomorrow, who knows?

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