An Old Shoe

September 27, 2009
When we were little,
We outgrew clothes,
And teeth,
And shoes,
And we simply,
We got new glasses,
New haircuts,
New school supplies,
And gave no further thought,
To the items,
We once possessed.
I knew that friends,
Could be outgrown,
But you promised,
As did I,
That we wouldn’t,
Not ever.
You said,
We were more,
Than friends
That I was the sister,
You never had.
So what am I now?
When did I go,
From your sister,
To a too small shoe,
A worn pair of glasses,
Or a lost tooth?
You traded me in,
For something better,
And now I’ve had,
To find someone else.
Do you think about me,
Wonder what it would be like,
To still be friends?
I do.

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