A Foolish Heart

September 27, 2009
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I was laying on floor
Staring at tha ceiling
Wishin I could feel tha healin
From tha piece by piece of my heart he was stealin
Yet silently concealin
That recurrin worthless feelin
Thats sinkin and revealin my true feelins
Which was so unappealin
Yet appealed and reflected my every emotions
And canceled out tha notion
That you could feel tha same way
But in a way
I hoped you did
But my logic forbid and got rid
Of you
Cause hurting anymore wasn't something I could put my self through
Not again at least
Cause that year I thought my feelins were deceased
And I was released from that horrible beast
I called love
Or was it just a strong infatuation
Of the creation liberation and temptation of you
And boo to my heart this was somethin new
And foolishly it decided 2 persue
So I fell deep inside you
And trapped myself under all tha things i told myself to be true
But as time rolled by I realized the truth
And I'd like to believe I can blame it on my youth
But yet again this wouldn't be tha truth
The truth is I foolishly fell in love
But I fell alone
And Alone in a room
I fell on tha floor
Staring up at tha ceiling
Wishin I couldn't feel anymore.

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