I'll Be Here

September 27, 2009
You say she's smart, she's nice,
and pretty.
Maybe shes not that innocent
But shes for you.
So go on,
just forget me...
I'm just a friend
Though, you know..
I'll be hare til the end
and she mite not.
Like those other girls
You fell in and out
of love with,
thinking it would last forever
as if...
you seem to forget what we had
And you keep going after
those girls who hurt you,
left you broken in the end.
But I never did that,
I was there
I was good to you
I still love you.
I'll always be here
my friend.
Until the day i take
my last breath....
until the end.
So even if you get lost
In this so called love
over and over again,
Even if you forget
about the one who person
who never, ever turned
their back on you
when the rest of the world did.
I'll be here my friend,
to catch you when
you fall.
Again, and again.

have i dropped you ever?

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ChocolateThunder said...
Oct. 7, 2009 at 9:00 pm
I really like this poem because it really reflects on how i feel about this boy who ive had a relationship with on and off for 3 years!! I think this poem is great and encourage you to keep writing!!!
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