Healing the Unhealable

September 27, 2009
By Anonymous


The bullet breaks through my gentle skin.
Releases the pain I feel inside of me by a death threatening scream.
The Fire,
The screams,
The invasions,
Crying as a way of defense.
Shielding myself from the outside world,
By an unbreakable wall in my mind.
As the eagles soar up above,
They look down to the sight of racing and dying hearts.
Burning and sacrificing people,
Innocent people.
Relying only on God himself.
But is He really here?
And willing to save all of those souls.
The pain is still roaming all through my body.
Returning the memories .
Before war,
Before peace,
Before past, present, and future.
The blood rushes through me.
Finding where the opening to the outside world is.
As it takes me outside of my own body.
I’m being lifted.
Leaving everything behind.
Having no control over where I am going.
And out of control.
No power at all, lifts me until I have all the power in the world.
Causing this all to stop.
I look down to the world below me.
Using my one and only power to heal.
I do not choose to heal myself,
But the world.
Using all my strength as the lifting suddenly pauses.
The sky glows around me.
Reflects on who I really am.
Tells a story.
The story of my life.

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