September 26, 2009
By ArianaT GOLD, Newark, New Jersey
ArianaT GOLD, Newark, New Jersey
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You're supposed to be the other half of my heart.
The Ying to my Yang.
The Crash to my Bang.
The Sneakers that my laces keep in place.
Instead you've forgotten to dust
your half of the heart every once in a while.
I think you've forgotten it was there at all.
You forget to feed the fish.
You don't bother with onomatopoeia anymore.
And you bought some new sneakers without even asking me if i liked the colors.
You pretend like it's not happening.
You want me to pretend too.
You want me to act like you haven't switched lunch tables,
and like we joined the after school
clubs to spend some time together.
You want me to pretend i've met your boyfriend.
You want me to pretend that you invited me to go see you in your play, and that we went to the cultural feast together.
But i don't want to pretend.
I know that if i don't, i'll lose you though.
I told you that i felt we were drifting...and you said we'd talk tomorrow.
But you sat at a different lunch table again.

The author's comments:
This is fact.

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