Songbirds' Salvation

September 26, 2009
By brit_love<3 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
brit_love<3 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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It is hard to describe the way I feel
When melancholy fills my head to my heels.
I do not know why I think this way
From mid-October until early May.
Is it because the sun does not shed
As many hours on my lowly head
Than as it does in summer’s time
When songbirds sing and silver bells chime?

All the while, during the cold days’ reign
I am burdened with many a pain,
A pain that scorches my bosom’s core,
A pain that I surely have felt before.
This flame ignites when I am forbidden to be
Out on my rooftop where I am free;
Free as the songbirds who rule the air
And venture through life without a care.

There is one way for me to be cured,
And that is if I am one with the birds;
Free from society and its harm,
But swallowed by nature’s undying charm.
For always and eternity, unleashed and unbound;
Saved by the songbirds salvation sound.
Upon my rooftop forever I shall live,
And unto the earth my soul I shall give.

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