I still can't eat pesto

September 26, 2009
“I remember how you loved Pesto”
Oh but isn’t it a bit too late?
A bit too late to remember anything for that matter
But I still remember what the ocean looked liked

(That day it rained and you waded in and laughed

Because I was still afraid of sharks.

And how you sat hunched over on that orange bike

As we rode down the middle of the street in midnight traffic.

And yes, I still remember being trapped between a lit up city and endless dunes

With you and how I we just sat and said, “I just don’t know”

And you may have forgotten, but I remember lying on the porch swing

While you cried and I pretended not to notice, and the metal creaked

And the breeze was too cold for shorts but I pretended to be asleep.

I bet you didn’t know that)
And I guess life goes on and hearts disfigure but
I still can’t eat pesto
“Thanks but I’m not hungry”

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