There's a boy.

September 26, 2009
By hianita PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
hianita PLATINUM, Houston, Texas
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There’s a boy playing, laughing, smiling,
ready to run home to see his parent’s faces.

He rushes through the front door,
his smile dies, when he realizes what he’s facing.

His mother’s on the floor,
her hands cut up and bleeding.

He looks over to his dad,
who looks pretty angry.

The boy becomes furious,
decides his dad isn’t worth forgiving.

He runs and pushes him down,
he’s screaming.

He’s screaming the words,
“You crazy?! She never once cheated!”

His daddy yells back,
he’s shouting,

“Boy get off me!
Get out my house!
Your mama ain’t worth saving!”

He screams and shouts,
he rushes out the house,
and the tears start falling.

He’s got no where to go,
his heart’s just racing.

The boy falls on his knees,
he doesn’t start praying.

He’s yelling at the sky,
blaming it for the world’s misfortunes.

“I don’t want to live!
Just kill me now!
I don’t want this!”

His auntie comes out the house,
grabs him by his shoulders, and shakes him.
She slaps him and says, “Hush boy!”
She’s afraid the neighbors would hear him.

He’s taken inside,
gets locked in a room,
he’s frightened.

Inside the closet, he tries to hide,
but he’s just chasing pavements.

His head’s just pounding,
it’s shaking and rattling.

He’s losing feeling in his chest,
his world’s collapsing.

The sky is dark,
the stars are gone,
and he’s awakened.

The boy’s lying in the grass,
his body’s intact,
but he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

His mama’s there,
she’s sitting,
patiently waiting.

Her fingers intertwined,
the scars all seem faded.

There’s a boy playing,
laughing, smiling,
ready to run home
to see his family’s happy faces.

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