Darkness Unpolluted

September 25, 2009
By , Strafford, NH
Who are you?The one I see,or the one I know?I see you standing therea darkness unpolluteda smile on your lips,a stone in your heart.The shadows gather 'round youand are welcomedby your cold hands.They freeze in your sunless light.And so you stand,basking in the glory of your achievement.But is that what you want?Are you satisfied that your soul had been sold?Of course not.Because I know you,a light unfiltered,a gag in your mouth,despair in your heart.The world would take youand cherish youwith open arms.Love would bloom.Yet you laugh in their faces;triumphant, you walk away.We both know that's not what you want,but the shadows are watching.And they wait for you.

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