Meet Me

September 25, 2009
By Sarah-N-Dipity SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
Sarah-N-Dipity SILVER, Mesa, Arizona
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Meet me

Where sanity meets desperation
And the bow string is pulled taut

They do

All of this to win a nation
No one doing as they aught.

We are

Scrambling for purchase
Amidst a climbing few


Savoring the kill before the chase
knowing who and what we should eschew.

Hark as

We talk to hear ourselves speak,
Argue for the sake of blood.

But now

When the mighty become so weak
and the haughty are covered in mud

Can we

Raise ourselves from our lamentation,
Brush the dust from our knees?

Don't you

See what becomes of creation,
When our tears can replace the seas?

Raise up

Your broken and shattered hearts
Staunch the bleeding, breathe the air.

Sing loud

As if you all know your parts
Break through this cloud of despair.

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