Fear. Life. Need. Love.

September 25, 2009
I looked to my left
And there it was:
A creature so mighty,
So powerful and deft,
It shook me to my core.
The creature's name was


The thing reared its head
And let out a mighty roar.
It jumped into the air
And this is what it said,
"I will control your mind,
And do all I can to ruin your


But you will thank me
For doing just that.
You will hit your knees
And pledge your loyalty,
To me, the one you abhor
The one you hate, the one you


Toward me, then, he flew,
With eyes a terrible red.
Doubts gnawed at my mind
And it was then I knew
I would never be free
Of him, until I learned to


But to never love without reserve
To never accept, or have faith,
And keep all my doubts,
And to always swerve
That is what frightens me.
That is my monster's name.


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