Morning Homework

September 25, 2009
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I wake up early with a the annoying sound of beep, beep, beep
I reach my arm out to push the flat button to stop that noise
As I look at the alarm clock i see pitched black and that clock light
its blue as the shinning ocean early in the morning
As I press the button it goes to pitch black
im not able to see anything
It feels as if my eyes are closed
I slowley move my arm to the light switch along the wall
I close my eyes for the impact thats going to happen
I click the switch
it still burns my eyes even if their closed tight
i open my eyes
it burns even more
i do a soft moan thinking to my self what I have to do
I want to go back to bed, but I cant
I sit up, turn and look around
I see my fish tank, and my dresser with the tv sitting on top
my fish are swimming to the glass, waiting to be fed
I slowley push myself up to my feet
I walk a couple steps towards the door with my feet stumbling and sliding
Im walking slower than a snail
As I slowley open my door theres a soft creeking noise
It sounded like wood cracking softly
I stepped out into the hallway while clicking the light switch
The light turns off, its pitch black again
I can hear the clock going tick, tick, tick
I stuble through the hallway feeling the soft carpet on my feet
As I walk into the kitchen I click the light switch again
I see my dog looking through the window gloomly
Hes staring at me with his head turned slightly
I walk towards my blue backpack with some lines in it
as i lightly touch the zipper i feel icy cold all across my body
I zip the backpack open slowly
I reach in my backpack and shuffle through my backpack which is full of loose papers
I find my paper and crumple it out of my backpack
Grab my pencil from the bottom of the backpack with the sound of papers crumbling
I stubble over to the couch with my paper and pencil in both hands
I fall onto the couch with my whole body feeling relief
I am very relaxed and tired
I tell myself Ill just close my eyes for a second
I cloce my eyes while tilting my head back on the pillow gently
As I open my eyes which felt for a couple of seconds
light seeks into my eyes
Its time for school

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