Stepping Up To Bat

September 25, 2009
By elmo89 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
elmo89 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I'm up to bat everyone is yelling
I am to scared the ball will hit me
So scared my mind blocks out all the people's cheers
All I can think is ''What would happen if i got hit''
The ball comes I swing
A miss
''Strike one'' yells the ump
It comes again
The ball is flying towards me I close my eyes and swing
The ump yells ''foul''
The next throw the ball is flying towards me
I jump
I think to myself
''Close one''
The last ball comes and I think to myself i got this
I whacked it and it flew past out field
''HOMERUN'' yells the ump
THe crowds screaming
I pass 1st,2nd,then 3rd

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