Girl Sees Guy

September 25, 2009
By Chickienicollette BRONZE, Cordova, Tennessee
Chickienicollette BRONZE, Cordova, Tennessee
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I watch him as he works on his art
nothing major just slight intrigue
the way his bedhead hair falls into his eyes
he moves the strands away from his face
i sigh
she tells me she doesnt understand what i see in him
she doesnt need to
he different
he inspires me
he inspired this poem
i wish i could inspire him
better yet get noticed by him
him, that guy, he is so out of my league
im as good as invisible to him
walking through the halls
girl sees guy
girl goes unnoticed by guy
guy doesnt even give girl a look
boys are puddy in my capable hands
i could get anybody except him
we're different
not the same
our differences illuminated by our opposites in style and dress
me...go and talk to him?
this girl sitting next to me is talking crazy now
girl gets up
girl walks toward guy's directon
girl reaches guy and turns the corner and heads for teacher
girl goes unnoticed by guy
guy doesnt even give girl a look
individualism impresses me
me, i'm the unhappy one your read stories about
the girl with the friends that seem to talk on and on while she daydreams about that guy
girl seems to have the perfect life but really doesnt
guy would make it perfect
guy would make it complete
girl daydreams about guy while looking at the clouds
guy ventures outdoors
girl musters up the courage to go and talk to guy
girl approaches guy
guy looks at girl and smiles
she didn't know it but
guy noticed girl all along.

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