September 24, 2009
By Karina_09 BRONZE, Imperial, California
Karina_09 BRONZE, Imperial, California
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My long lost friend
Its not the same without you here
You left us with a whole
A hole that was once filled by you
Things have changed since you left me
I still remember that last time I saw you, the hurt in your eyes
I can never forget it because that hurt with you has hurt me more
You were the best in my mind
And I don't think I'll find a better friend like you
Me taking care of you and you growing up inside
You mean a lot to me even though I might have not shown it
I don't know how it would have been if I didn't meet you
But even now with the sadness I am glad I did
You're the best, friend
And I'll be missing you
I don't think I'll find someone to be as close as you.

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