came out of ashes

September 24, 2009
By Anonymous

you used to be toghether,
you used to love eachother
then something got in the way
it hurt to see the family be pulled apart like that,
older brother....kicked out
older sister.....kicked out
grandma grandpa, where did you go?
oh you moved
the house is empty
one room out of five occupied
there is a bathroom and a bed
the only ones left in the house are mom little brother little sister and I,
why oh why
daddy came to pick us up for the weekend
oh no oh no he has a girlfriend
mommy daddy what happened?!
oh no i get home eviction notice,
where are we going to live mommy?
friends house...cops there evernite, why oh why?!
to loud cant do work, cant sleep,
news: a place of our own
its a motel
then oklahoma
next california
moms new boyfriend
he goes to jail
where ar ewe going now mommy?
to oregon
then to washington
finally get to visit daddy
been two years
oh gee!!
why cant i live in this type of life?
well maybe i can
"daddy i want to live with you"
been happy since
family is still apart
two sisters live with us dad and stepmom got married then split up in august
she was my hero
but then she lied to me and ran
never said by
dont want to have her back in my life
done with mothers and mother figures
guess i have to grow up on my own.

The author's comments:
this piece was created because my parents got divorced... then my step mom ran away.

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