The sky

September 24, 2009
By Emoprairedog BRONZE, Cary, North Carolina
Emoprairedog BRONZE, Cary, North Carolina
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in our minds, you'r in my arms.
in our minds, she's still here, and your all laughing.
the mind is a strange and intruiging device.
the way it rejects the truth to protect us.

in our minds, the sun is shining and the sky is blue.
but in reality the sky is dark and a light rain falls steadily down.
in reality, no matter how much it hurts, she is gone.
she caan't ever come back, and your not in my arms.
you're alone in your room crying, and i am elsewhere.

i know that she loved you and she'll miss you just as much as you'll miss her.
i watch from the window as you touch her lifeless body for the last time.
i watch as the tears roll off your cheeks and silently drip onto the marble floor.
unable to catch them or comfort you.

Outside the world goes on, unaffected by your loss.
except for one thing, the sky.
the sky is crying with us,
it is a sky full of tears.

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