My secret picture

September 24, 2009
A single tear streaks down my cheek,
as i stare out of my window;
waiting for you to walk by.

But for 14 days now you've yet to arrive.
the rain running down the windows,
i watch as the clouds cry.

i weep silently with them for even though
i know you're safe and well,
you're soo far away, where i cant hold you.

i sigh to myself and rest my head upon the glass.
i know i'll see you soon;
just not soon enough.

i wipe the tear away
and rock myself to sleep.
smiling, hoping to see you in my dreams.

i hold my only picture of you,
the one you don't know i have,
and wait for you to come home.

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princess;not*at*all said...
Oct. 4, 2009 at 11:10 pm
This poem made me cry! This is how I've been feeling for almost four months. You're really good at writing. don't stop:)
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