September 24, 2009
The spirit is empty.
The heart is dead.
There's a call, a cry
But it's too late.
The body, now a shell
Of happiness that used to be
Watches with glassy eyes
A world that still goes on.

Watches but does not partake,
As if in a dream,
Of a place she knows to be unkind.

She was loving, she was caring
She was all too trusting
Until she realized
The brutality that is the world.

There were riches which flew away,
There were loved ones,
Dear ones,
Snatched right from her helpless hands

And there was love,
Pure and perfect love,
Torn right out of her heart.

She tried to fight the best she could,
But she wasn't strong enough.
She called and pleaded for help,
But she was just another crushed dream among millions.
They heard her cry but would not stop.

She was hurt, and beaten.
She was punished when she did no wrong.
She was told to conform,
But she could not bear to do it.
She was engulfed in pain.
She cried.

Now she sits, her mind a blank.
She failed.
She gave in,
It was too hard.
She is their's, she acts like them
But she is no longer living.
She is devoid of free will,
Devoid of emotions.
She has been silenced.

She has been broken.

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