16 years of...

September 24, 2009
For the past 16 years my world has been turned upside down. The sickness of apathy spreads like wildfire. Where's the foundation of our legacy? The Book of Life is slowly fading, lacking the writers needed to keep it full. Be careful, your world could fall on you. Those fears we keep to ourselves are locked away deep inside. Never again to see the light of day lest all surge forth and flow free. Only to be discovered and used. Insomnia keeps me awake, away from the shadowed dreams that create me. My mind grows tired as I struggle to keep myself alive. I need a touch I know will never be felt. A voice I know will never be heard. A face I know will never be seen. Who will save me from this? Even when awake nightmares flicker at the corners of a vision. Not even in death can I escape them.
I still found solace in the still darkness of the night. Walking alone in the streets, basking in the thought that only I could truly appreciate the eternal silence. I felt safe. The sky above my head, the cold ground beneath bare feet. The feeling of perfection while I look up at the stars. I smiled for the first time in years. Complete aloneness keeps me company. Only then the world seems just a little more livable. Won't you join me in the dark?

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