September 24, 2009
By Lizzy T. BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Lizzy T. BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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I thought you were someone I could look up to
Someone who would always be there for me
Someone to talk to, to confide in
But I was wrong
You turned out to be my greatest demise
Someone who was hard in the heart
Someone who's heart was ice- unwilling to melt
Instead of helping me with my problems you laughed at them
Sharing even the most personal ones with the world
Yes, I regret that moment I met you
No matter how beautiful your eyes were
They were not a window to your soul
Or perhaps they were
The cold, shallow blue of them
Eating into me- into everyone you met
I tried so hard to be your friend
I was nice to you
I genuinely cared
And how did you repay me for that?
With a knife
A knife through my tender, soft heart
Stabbing away at whatever was left of me
I told you how I felt
And I can tell you how you reacted
You didn't care
You didn't mind making the vicious remarks that burnt me like salt on a wound
Now you could read this a million times over and over again
But I doubt you'd understand it
You would only see words on a computer screen
Small fine print, but words none the less
And no matter how many times you read it
It will never make an impact on you
Because you are shallow
You are willing to do whatever you have to in order to get your way
You don't care what obstacles stand in your way
You'll just plow right through them
Now I'll admit, you had me wrapped around your finger
You had me wanting to be your friend
Wanting to have everything to do with you
You fooled me
But never again
No, never again will I fall for your little act
So you- you go trash talk me
Call me whatever names you want
I won't care
I realize I'm above you
I'm still growing
You, my dear, are NOT
And I'm sorry for you, that you no longer have the brain power or will to grow
But y'know what? I can NEVER be sorry enough

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