September 23, 2009
By Victoria Forsmo BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Victoria Forsmo BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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My quiet sreams are stifled,
within these four walls.
Something tries to emerge,
but is lost in this purge
of sinister thoughts,
of darkness closing in,
of wanting something else,
to quiet my raging soul.
There aren't any small cracks
so that light may peak in.
No, instead there's nothing,
this nothing that is me.
This hollow emptiness,
that lies within myself.
I'm lost in this war,
that's mine alone to fight.
With these old thoughts I wait.
So that one coming day,
I'll finally be free.

The author's comments:
When I wrote this peice I was drifting off in school, and I kept thinking about life and what it realy means to have the courage to truly look within oneself. If you look deep enough what will you find? If and when you find your answer will you be able to accept it. Or forever be stuck inside a narrow box of security, that closes in more and more every day; testing your sanity.

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