My Dear Friend

September 23, 2009
By MelissaM SILVER, Thornton, Colorado
MelissaM SILVER, Thornton, Colorado
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Dear friend,
He’s hurt you many times, leaving a handprint across your face
You still go back
He runs from the police, and causes trouble
You still go back
He doesn’t care about you, your family, or friends
You still go back

Dear friend,
You’re beautiful. You could get any guy you want
Leave him
He does not deserve you
Leave him
You are one of the strongest people I know
Leave him

Dear friend,
At first he doesn’t care
You left him
Now he starts to worry that you won’t come back
You won’t
He cries and weeps because he took the best thing he’s ever had for granted
You don’t let it get to you

Dear friend,
I’m so proud of you

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