I Love You, Sometimes.

September 23, 2009
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How many times do I have to say it,
Before it sticks in your adolescent brain?

You don't need her.
She doesn't want you.

A girlfriend for the sake of having one.
It's just one big lie.

You tell me you don't want to be alone.
Am I invisible?

I've stood by you for years.
I won't suddenly stop.

I am your best friend
Now and forever.

You spend too much time trying to impress.
You worry about superficial things too often.

"I need to lose weight or no girl with go out with me."
I roll my eyes time and time again.

You cause me so much frustration.
You piss me off so much sometimes!

You make me feel alone.
I think it's okay not to date.

You approach her for the sole purpose of flirting,
Of trying to end up in a relationship.

It's just not fair to her or to yourself.
How can you want someone you don't know?

"She's hot" is not a reason.
Not a good one anyway.

If you must cause me this pain.
If you must make me so angry. . .

Then don't come crying to me anymore.

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