September 23, 2009
I want to get out of here.
The place that I’m so trapped in.
Where the judgmental eyes always look at me.
Because I’m under than perfect.
I’ve learned to hate words,
Because it crushes someone’s soul.
Takes the position of a knife,
But it’s invisible.
I wonder,
With no place to go, but I don’t mind.
But I refuse to look back.
To reclaim the pain, sorrow and misery I once had.
I lost it,
I hope no one finds it.
As if lost or found, my trail keeps up behind me.
Soon to find what made this girl,
And what she came out to be.
I want to leave or run away.
From the place that’s holding me down.
That makes stuff appear as if it was always there,
But to my eyes it was never found.
To be in a place that is silent.
Because here everyone has a voice.
I refuse to speak with words because they never did any good to me.
Are people blind?
Or is it my reflection lying to me?
To see all my flaws but never my beauty.
To quick to judge me on my figure and waist.
But never talking about my strong eyes or my smile that catches a gaze.
Or how my skin is too light.
But why do you care? I wear it.
And to me it’s just fine.
You use the beauty of words and use in offence.
To beat down on the innocent.
To make us feel less of a person.
Not caring if we’re hurting.
We choose not to love ourselves.
Because no one loves us.
Of refuse to look at the mirror.
Because it lost our trust.
For we thought it would tell us the truth,
Till the end of time.
But our mind is so corrupted with lies.
For the mirror always tells the truth,
With our beauty.
That is shines.
From your face to your stomach.
To your thighs.
It’s you.
Who looks lovely,
And your smile that’s priceless and your eyes that are strong with passion.
The words you speak are lies,
And if I was to look in the mirror and dare to speak one word.
It will till the end of time be,

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Poetic_Mind said...
Mar. 16, 2010 at 4:23 pm
I absoltely love this poem. It is as the title claims, beautiful.
sumthingprecious replied...
Mar. 17, 2010 at 5:26 pm
AWWWW THANK YOU!!!! thanks for the support and all that i hope you enjoy the rest of my poems and i'm glad that you liked this one.
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