don't ever leave

September 23, 2009
By Anonymous

you caught my eye right from the start.
who would've known you would soon have my heart.
from the first day you made me laugh,
i knew my feelings would stay.
but i never thought theey would become,
as strong as they are today.
you made my day better withjust one glance.
i love you beautiful smile,
it makes me feel so good inside
i want to tell you how i feel
but these feelings i just have to hide.
i always told you, look in front of youand open your eyes.
your sould mate maybe closer then you think.
you just have to find where the true feeling lies.
i would give my life for you, anything it takes.
everytime i think about not having you around, my heart it just breaks.
everything i have to five i want you to receive.
i need you, so please don't ever leave.

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