Life through a Teen's eyes

September 22, 2009
By D.Monae SILVER, Appomattox, Virginia
D.Monae SILVER, Appomattox, Virginia
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Recession it maybe for the adults living heck for us

We are at the age where life is no longer a joy

But a reminder of how this isn’t the worst of the deal

Everywhere you turn there is someone getting high, drunk, or killed

Life is no longer the virtue it once was, waking up to smiles

Now we wake up to screaming; parents yelling we got to go here and there

And that’s not the hardest part, no

The hardest is knowing there is nothing you can do about it

Parents want to believe our biggest worry is to get a pimple

That I wish was my biggest problem

Some of my best friends who I thought I knew are worrying about pregnancy

Life is a hardship, word to the wise be involved in everything

Worry not about our feelings, but our safety

When you ask us questions pour your heart into it

Show us you really mean your concern

Life to me will have to be taken one step at a time

Life: Where is it going!

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