Kismet: When I Met You...

September 22, 2009
The beauty of a sunset.
Knowing that between you and me its kismet.
Pure white doves flying from a tree.
The obvious sparks between you and me.
When I met you, you were all fun and games.
You should see my face when I hear your name.
All those moments we have shared.
I could tell by your face that you, too, cared.
All the joy the previous year.
This time we’re apart, so I shed a tear.
All this loneliness I cannot bear.
I tend to get mad, so others beware.
Classes without laughter.
It’s you whom I’m after.
All was better before.
Without you it’s all a bore.
Why couldn’t they leave it all alone?
I feel like a dog without a bone.
Now I have nothing to do.
I’m sad, lonely, and mad without you.
We should have made last year last.
It’s not always best to forget the past.

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