Into The Abyss

September 22, 2009
By becklovesyou4eva PLATINUM, Hilton, New York
becklovesyou4eva PLATINUM, Hilton, New York
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Passion within
burning foward
trying to reach out
holding on
to something that isnt worth it.
Fire inside
flames coming out
from every inch
burning the souls
of everyone
who couldnt make it.
The truth
hidden deep
the burning walls
fading away
along with everything.
All the hopes and dreams
everything that was ever known
and ever seen
fading away
for all eternity
never to be revealed
it doesnt make sence
nothing makes sence
the world falling apart
by the side
of people who could
make a difference
if the tried
but every gives up
everything fades
into the abyss
waiting to be found
but the secrets stay hidden away
from the people
who need to know them the most
from you.

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