Isn't Life Amazing...?

September 22, 2009
Isn't it amazing
how the leaves change
from green to the most
beautiful colors
on the color scale.
How the rain can turn into sunshine
in a matter of seconds.
Love can last forever
if the heart accepts
growing old and changing,
and if imperfections
can be seen as perfect.

Isn't it amazing
how trees grow
from little seeds
nutured by nature.
The wind blows fiercely
cauisng everything to fly out of place
without being seen,
or how snow falls
in the perfect shapes
no two the same.

Isn't it amazing
how two hands
can fit perfectly together
yet don't mesh one bit.
Or how two strangers
can meet by chance
and then become
the best of friends
and how the best of friends
can become enimies
because of something
someone else said.

Isn't it amazing
how someone
can do a complete 180
in a matter of moments
turning into someone
you don't know anymore.
Or how your feelings
about something
or someone
can fall out in forms of words
or tears in an instant.

Isn't it amazing
that I am typing these words
on a laptop computer
and they will soon be posted
on this thing called the internet
for the whole world to see.
Invisible chords and lines
the two ends of the world together
sharing knowledge from a distance.
Look how far we have come.

Isn't it amazing
to just sit outside
or by a window
and watch the people go by
how robotic things are
and how differences
are hard to find nowadays.
Everyone breaths and the same rate.
Everyone does that same thing.
Everyone fades the same way.

Isn't it amazing
how the world we once knew
and learned about
in the history class
that we never payed attention in,
can change in a flash
just by the dicovery of
one little thing.
How the fingers I am typing with
are made up of cells
which are also, living things.

Isn't it amazing
how once you find love
every sound you hear
reminds you of their heartbeat
and every breathe you take is for them.
How you schedule everything
around them so you
could never even imagine
being without them.
But they couldn't care less.
Heartbreaks are now normal.

Isn't it amazing
how no one sits to think
about these things anymore.
Everyone is to busy
working for money
to just take one second
to take everything in.
They are just losing touch
with their family and friends.
Love becomes false.
People become someone else.

Isn't life amazing?

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