So What?

September 22, 2009
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So what if I'm not pretty,
And can sometimes be a ***?
There's no reason to point my flaws out
You lying two-faced witch.

So what if we're quite different?
Is it really that front-page
That you feel the need to torture me
Every second, every day?

So what if I'm complacent
With simply being me?
Why should you deserve the right
To consider only what you see?

So what if inside I'm struggling
Under the weight of all my woes?
And so what if I have no one
To depend upon, to trust to know?

So what is what I wonder,
When I'm running to my room,
To just escape the pain, the fear,
That I know must return all too soon.

So what, I ask, is wrong with me
Where my own mind turns against me?
Why does it feel the need
Every moment of my life torture me.

So what? So what? So I don't care.
I flee this world for four pound fare.
I travel on, downward bound.
And the rope will tighten ere I'm found.

So what, the world will know I'm gone?
I think not, for I am no one.

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