Predator and Prey

September 22, 2009
By Orangestar_ BRONZE, Rolla, Missouri
Orangestar_ BRONZE, Rolla, Missouri
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Predator and Prey

Thirst surges through the fluffy dog
like lightning through a rod.
The animal wanders through his boxy environment,
hoping to find a watering hole.
Without warning, a predator appears.
The victim does not realize the danger
and stops, dead in his tracks.
The predator lunges.
The animal realizes what is to come and turns,
but not fast enough.
The predator grabs and squeezes
our mighty,
but miniscule hero.
The ball of fluff attempts to fight back.
He bites and squeals,
but it is no use.
The predator has won.
Why can’t my brother just leave Chewy alone?

The author's comments:
My brother Conor squeezes my dog, Chewy. He will wrap his arms around him and then Chewy will attempt to bite him. Conor then claims he is playing with Chewy.

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