Fears To Rest...

September 21, 2009
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You were never supposed to become an addiction.
Use you once and that was the end.
But, you stuck with me and I couldn’t let go.
You caused wounds, they I can never mend.

When I try to break the chains, you make them stronger, pull them tighter.
They keep telling me I’m a fighter.
I’ve grown immune to the heartache.
The scars remind me of my biggest mistake.

Because of you, they know my story,
They can tell I’m weak.
They know their thrown out words will have a forever effect
It’s the only thing permanent they have.
They’re all terrified of change.

When I look at you
I feel so unimportant, so useless. So small.
Why do you mean so much to me?
You mean nothing to anyone else.

For years, you’ve been my only escape.
I’d go to you and I would feel better.
Turn my nightmares into sweet dreams, put my fears to rest.
But, in reality, you’re ruining me.
It’s time to break those chains.

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