I Am

September 21, 2009
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I am an analyst.
Rodin’s female thinker.
Esthetic and aware,
Conscious of detail,
Hungry for knowledge,
Desirous for complete truths;
A dreamer and creator.

I am a leader.
Responsible and empathetic,
Self-assured and devoted,
Assiduous and diplomatic;
Truly concerned for the welfare of others.

I am a foreigner.
Thrust into a populace I fail to identify with,
Either singled-out or entirely unnoticed;
Resulting in introversion and independence.
Wanting to be understood, regardless of acceptance.

I am a child.
Perfectly content with simplicity.
Amused by minute, common pleasures;
The wit of a child,
The sound of the wind rushing through the leaves,
The smell of a newly-cleansed earth.
Optimistic, blissful, trusting,

I am an anchor.
Morally steadfast,
Ethically resolute,
Consistent and sturdy,
Secured by a firm foundation;
Moved only by my Captain.

I am a doctor.
Trying to use my humble tools to sustain and improve,
To touch and heal the lives of the afflicted.
Attempting to work miracles and heal the broken-hearted,
To restore the blind who cannot see their worth and
The deaf who tune out their Savior.

I am potential-
I am nothing but God makes me something
I am small but He makes me great
I am weak but He makes me strong
I am anything at all—because of Him.

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