Intertwined Circles

September 21, 2009
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As i laid in my bed that night and closed my eyes, I attempted to pass the time by, dad was on the couch gulping away at yet another beer, Jason and Braden were playing the X-Box and mom was out getting grocieries but i was in my room for yet another night alone, only the sound of my deep breaths broke the quivering silence, i was counting the number of letters in my homwork paper, I got to 7 and stopped. I used to think Friday was the best day of the week, but now its just one more day wasting my time in school while i burry my head in books. Then at 3:00 its just a walk to my house where everyone yells and fights and screams. My mom may be my hero, but that doesn`t mean shes not my friend too shes the greatest and only person i look up to. I began to wonder when she would be home then got bored and took out my cellphone and began looking through my contacts, although there was not point beacuse the only people i had on there were my family. I slapped it shut and closed my eyes once again, no more than a minuet later i get a phone call, its OSF apparently my mom is in the hospital with a fracured skull a broken tailbone and alot of glass stuck in throughout her body, in other words, she got in a car crash. I continued to listen as the nurse explained how she couldnt get ahold of my dad (surprise surprise) when i got off the phone with her i got into my car and left without a word, i came to a red light as a silent tear slid down my cheek my mom is all i have... When i got to the hospital i quickly got her room number and went to see her. She looked like she WAS the wreck.Her head was bleeding profusly as much as the rest of her body. For 3 days i waited in the hospital eating food that tasted like plastic and watching people get ruched in and out. On the fourth day as i once again sat by her bed an alarm went off as she started to shake and have a seizure. Doctors came in and pushed me out of the room , for four hours they poked squeezed and put thousands of bolts of electricity through her body. Around 1:00 am the doctors came out silently, i knew something wasnt right and as the doctor opened his mouth and said the words "I`m sorry, we did everything we could" I went deaf my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach i was suddenly nothing i had nothing and now i will never be anything but life in her shadow

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