Give it my All

September 21, 2009
By AimeeH BRONZE, Regina, Other
AimeeH BRONZE, Regina, Other
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My mind is blank and empty

I'm so confused

You said you loved me

You even gave me a ring, but you turned away

All she had to do was cry to you then it made you turn and look at me apologetically

I never knew the pain i felt when you looked at me like that but i had to give it my all

You pulled out a paper and handed it to me

As i opened it a read what was inside i knew your love for me was true
As i watched you walk away with her my tears began to well up

Slowly a tear fell down my face, you turn about to wipe away my sadness but she stops you

You turn to go but the look in your eyes give you away

I feel like I've lost all my strength and just want to die

Suicide becomes and option quickly forgotten because I know how much pain it'll cause you

I turn to walk away feeling worthless

I turn to take one last look tears streaming down my face as I see you looking back too

Smiling a sad yet happy smile just like me

I run as fast as I can to get away from the pain I have in my chest

It hurts a lot but knowing you are happy soothes it my broken heart

I know that I will always wish the best of luck to you no matter what

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