Her Daddy's Rules

September 21, 2009
By xxxWildChild BRONZE, Millington, New Jersey
xxxWildChild BRONZE, Millington, New Jersey
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Boy looks at her and wonders
Could she be in my league
But all his friends all tell him
That she's such a major tease
Cus her daddy's rules won't let her
Have a boy set in her sight
But that sure as hell won't stop him
From throwing pebbles late at night
And when her daddy saw him standing
With little rocks tucked in his hand
He chased that boy off the lawn
From leaving her room she was baned
Her daddy built a fence
To make those boys stay out
And watching from her window
The girl began to shout
"Daddy I'm a big girl now!
How could you do this to me?
Did you really forget that fast
Last month I turned fourteen!"
"Pumpkin" he said with tears in his eyes
"You cannot comprehend
That boy had one thing on his mind
His 'love' was all pretend."
Never did she ever
Disobey her daddy's rules
And leave her tiny bedroom
Or call him harsh and cruel
She stayed in that house forever
Years past her daddy's death
With the only companion being
The rhythm of her breath

The author's comments:
about nicole, she inspired me. even thouqh none of this happened to her. but, i decided to write this dedicated to her.! :]

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