September 12, 2009
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Screams in the darkness,
Smell the fear,
See the wild in his eyes.

Run like the wind,
Escape the groping hands,
This isn't fair.

I don't deserve this,
Though you think I do,
Please, just stop.

I beg you, leave me alone,
No! My screams go unheard,
Tears of shame roll down my face.

Squeeze my eyes shut,
Ignore the animal sounds,
Bite down hard on my tongue.

Why me, the question I ask so often,
The answer eludes me, obviously,
It must be my fault.

Someday I will escape this torture,
But scars remain,
Physical. Emotional.

Someday I will be fine,
I'll hang on by my thin rope,
I am determined to survive.

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