Voices of a city

September 11, 2009
Those voices who whisper undying sorrow
Haunt the streets of a city where death is aboundant
despite age. Where the weather is cold, but hearts are colder.
Where hate lives, and love dies. Where blood is shed, and grown men cry.
This is the city where artists are reborn away from judging eyes. Whose voice is like that of an angel. Whose dark colors tell hidden secrets. Whose lyrics reveal unspoken
tragedy. Whose movements are as smooth and gracefull as an ocean tide. Whose poetry serves as therapy to his wounded mind and spirit.
Those voices who speak of life and death
Haunt the streets of my city. Where god exist in some minds, as satan lives in others.
Where addicition casts hypnotic spells on innocent souls,and doesnt't leave until it has been successful .
This is the city where additction will claim the lives of the reborn. Hiting extra hard, for they serve as hope for this hopeless city. Little by little the disease takes control, more perfect than ever before. One by one the reborn are no more.Whose poetry cannot save him.Whose movements eventually stop.Whose lyrics cannot tell the whole story.Whose dark colors don't reveal every secret.Whose voice, is slenced....

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