September 10, 2009
By SUIXIS SILVER, Spring Valley, New York
SUIXIS SILVER, Spring Valley, New York
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Been bad so long
I don't recognize good
I travel this never ending path
In an attempt to change my ways
But it's an illusion
I've been stuck on this treadmill
My progress zero and after how hard I try
I still go nowhere the pull of the dark side
Is way too strong and I'm losing my will
To hold on to the old me
and surrender to the new me
What I would do to return to what
once was, tears fall as I resist
and I proceed to the light
But each step I take feels like
five back, is this it
doomed to succumb to the worst of my nature
The life I live has its perks but
I refuse to live by the devil
I want to change
I reach out for help
Hoping and praying that god will reach back
But that’s what keeping me here makes it too hard to
grab hold of true happiness
Maybe I'm in too deep
I dug my grave now
I'm forced to sleep in it....

No, wait it can't end
to much depends on me
I need to continue
find a way to make life work
Silence the thoughts that deter me
from my path and proceed onto
Where I want to be,
Only if I knew how

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I fell into a depression when I realized I kept failing on changing myself.

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