September 10, 2009
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How Far will you go?
To let everybody you know
That your presence is a present
That you matter in every way
That maybe I’m not that rose or tulip
But I’m a proud dandelion.
How Far will you go?
To be accepted by all
For all that you are
To be celebrated for your differences
To be loved because you are you
How Far will you go?
For that unimportant approval
For someone to tell you that you are good
For that ok from someone else
To make yourself feel better
How Far will you go?
To ensure the prosper of others
Instead of yourself
To make all but you happy
Praying and hoping that
It will in return it will grace you with
That sweet joy you long for
How Far will you go?
To finally reach that place
That exists in dreams
Where trouble and strife
Pain and sorrow
Worrying and tears
Cease to remain a factor
To be released from this world
That ties you down with
Memories of suffering, tears, loneliness
How Far will you go?
To reach that place,
Walk for miles,
Swim for days,
Lose your sanity,
Your friends
And your life
How Far will you go?
To relinquish yourself
Despite the infliction
It may have on the others
That love you
How Far will you go?
Is it worth it?

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