Alone together

September 10, 2009
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As it stands on its final legs
There isn’t much to say
You are you
And I’m me
But together us don’t make we
Banded once by translucent threads
Slowly breaking one-by-one
What kept it together so long
Is far beyond me
It’s not so simple now
Before it was us
Now we can’t even
Generate that four letter word
That is tossed around so arbitrarily
It’s dead and gone now
And it can’t be revitalized
No matter how hard we try
It’s useless because
You are you
And I’m me
I’m water and your oil
The outcome doesn’t unite
I’m sorry to say that,
That last thread
Broke a while ago
I’ve gripped your hand tighter
And tighter afraid to let go
I closed my eyes and prayed you stay
But I learned you’ve long done slipped away
My heart stands tall
Scars from where you broke it
Now it’s sewn up
But so broken up inside
But it’s fine because that’s the last time
The next heart you break won’t be mine
And now what left to say is that
You are you
And I’m me
And I think we’ll be best together
If we go on…


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